Monday, August 18, 2014

2014-2015 Room Reveal Part 1!

Well, bless my soul, look who's here! It's you! I've been hoping you would stop by! Come on in, y'all! I can't wait to show you around my little home away from home! First, here are a few disclaimers. Ready...
1. My school was built in the 1980s. So don't expect a lot of super cool modern stuff.
2. The furniture is from the same era. You get what you get and you don't pitch a fit! :)
3. Our tech people have not hooked up any technology yet. So, there may be cords everywhere. NOT my fault, okay?
4. My room is not as big as it looks in these pictures. I measured it today. It is a 25 feet by 24 feet. 
5. This is an Response to Intervention classroom for 2nd grade students. So, don't expect to see a classroom library, birthday charts, or centers everywhere. We are unique that way! 
6. I won't show you one part of my room. It belongs to my precious assistant, and we aren't back to school yet. So, she hasn't been there to put her decorating spin on her space. 

Okay, I'm done. Let the tour begin! This is the view from my door. Still loving my Sit Spots

You might recognize my alphabet freebie and number line freebie above the bulletin board. They are available here on the blog. 
You can check out the super reader freebie here. I use the super reader strategies mostly with my tier 3 kiddos. The focus strategy posters I enlarged from a product I bought on TPT from Amy Groesbeck. You can buy those here.

Did you read my post about being a GREAT reader? If not, you can check it and grab that freebie here. This strategy is mainly for my tier 2 readers.

Sight Word Candy Land is our year long progress monitoring/reward system. After school starts, I will add die cut gingerbread men to the pockets. You can read all about it and grab that freebie here.

Under the bulletin boards is this storage system. I made it by mod podging wrapping paper to the front of the bins. This is where we store textbooks, interactive notebooks, and other small group supplies. The caddy on top holds stickers, behavior management cards, pens, pencils, erasers, dry erase markers, and Scentos markers. 

Turning back to the front of the room, you see this...
I love the Melonheadz border over the SMARTboard! Thanks to Tales of a Teacher for the inspiration! Please ignore the aforementioned ancient intercom and numerous cords!

Over the computers are some sound cards that I recently made. They are for practicing vowel sounds and consonant digraphs. Those are so tricky! These are now available for purchase here.

Lastly, are my supply bins. I blogged about making them and buying the cool labels here.

Let's turn toward the back wall now. This is where my favorite things are!
You can get the touch math posters as a freebie on my blog here. Oh, and those red circles on the table are dry erase! If I like them, I bought a set for our other group table, too.

I could not be happier with how my character collage tiles turned out! You can read my tutorial on making these here.
This space will house vocabulary, anchor charts, and such for our reading groups. We are starting off the year reading Penny's Song by Kevin Henkes. 

Math vocabulary and anchor charts will be displayed here. We are starting off reviewing basic addition.

Have I mentioned that I am a neat freak? I love these black hanging file systems that I found from Carson Dellosa. I can't stand to have stuff on my desk! So, now I can quickly grab items that I use on a regular basis. Also, if I am out for a meeting and someone needs my RtI list, my assistant can find it without having to dig around on my desk. 

You know what? I am going to have to turn this into a two part series! Click {HERE} to see the rest of the space!


  1. Your classroom is beautiful! I especially love the Sit Spots, the character tiles, and the Melonheadz above your SMART board. Too cute!!! Thanks for linking up.

    My Carolina Classroom

    1. Thanks so much, Kristin! Thanks also for hosting the linky party! You are so very sweet! I hope you have a wonderful year!