Friday, August 1, 2014

Five for Friday: August 1st

Wow! I haven't linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching in a while, but this week was full of fun things to share. So, I hope you enjoy a little peek at my week! 
I came home the other day to find this lovely package waiting for me. I was giddy with excitement! 
Have you heard of SLANT boxes? If not, you should check it out! It stands for Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers. Jameson from Lessons with Coffee runs the program. You can visit her site {HERE} for more details. Basically, you sign up and are assigned to two other teachers. One you will send a gift box to and one you will receive a gift box from. You spend the next month getting to know them through email and stalking their social media. :) Then, you pack up a box of goodies around the month's theme and send it to them. I got all of this fabulousness from the super sweet Brianna at Live-Love-Laugh-Teach. You can visit her blog {HERE}. Check out all of these goodies!
Brianna knows me well! Check out some of this thoughtfulness!
Treats for the furbabies!
Snickerdoodle cookie mix? Yes, please! I am kind of partial to Snickerdoodles! :)

She found out that I have a BIG birthday coming up and sent me a funny early birthday card with the sweetest note inside!
I have been itching to try some new astrobrights paper! I love this lined paper! I am thinking that I will put it in my planner/calendar and use each color for different meetings. Yellow = RtI, Orange = Parent Conferences, Pink = Staff Meetings, Green = Grade Level, and Blue = PLU meetings. Then, I can find what I need with ease! Thanks again, Brianna!

I sent this SLANT box to Susan from Mrs. Dow's Class. She is just precious! You can visit her blog {HERE}

The whole family and one of Sweet Girl's friends had a blast at the Tim Hawkins' Comedy Show the other night! I laughed until I could not breathe! 
Tim does a great mix of traditional stand up and musical comedy. Here is a video clip called Parents Rock. I hope you enjoy it!

Whew! Vacation Bible School is just as exhausting as the first days of school! We had a wonderful time though. Our theme was Get Ready! Get Set! GO! It was a back to school bash. We were able to supply about 60 kids with backpacks and school supplies. I also gave my Tips for a Successful School Year presentation to their parents. You can read more about that and grab that freebie {HERE} on my blog. 

I also had an opportunity to do a little decorating for the event. Our fellowship hall tables needed some themed decor. So, I looped raffia on, used clothespins to add school supply clipart, and tied some extra  tulle between each picture. 
I was the registration director. Here is our little welcome table. I added welcome letters on notebook paper clipart to a colored pennant banner from Wal-Mart. 

I used a pink and yellow plastic tablecloth for the top. I connected them with duct tape and drew designs on with a Sharpie. I wanted the top to look like pencil for our back to school theme. 

I asked the hubs to pick up something from the store on his lunch break. He did that, but somehow tuxedo kitten got added to his list. So, now little Sophie is a member of our family. Sophie is just precious! She purrs so much we tease her about burning up her little motor too soon. So far, Shiloh, my 1 year old diva cat, is not a fan, but she is slowly warming up to the idea.

This guy totally cracks me up in the movie Frozen. I am not going back to school just yet. So, I am thinking of the annual Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale as a Big Summer Blowout! I am so excited! My wishlist is full of new things for the coming school year and lots of awesome clipart! My entire store will be 28% off on Monday, August 4th and Tuesday, August 5th. Use this savings code when you shop: BTS14.

Well, that's all the news from home, as they say! I hope you are doing well and enjoying your last days of rest and relaxation before school kicks into high gear!


  1. Aww, what a precious kitty! I love all the cute things you made for VBS! Have a great weekend!

    - Abbey from Tremendous First Grade Tales

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your sweet comments! I hope you have a great weekend, too!

  2. I hadn't heard of SLANT boxes, but I absolutely LOVE the idea! Heading to check it out :) Thank you so much for sharing it with the rest of us! {and that cat is just adorable!}

    Jillian Starr
    The Starr Spangled Planner

    1. This was my first SLANT box. I love that you can sign one month at a time. I knew I would have more time over the summer to give it a try. It really was fun, and I made two new friends! I think August's sign ups are closed. Maybe you can join in September. :)

  3. OH.MY.LANDS! That tablecloth idea is thee absolute best!!! Totally borrowing it for our back to school revival in two weeks, if you don’t mind…
    Windows Into My Classroon

    1. Feel free to borrow my idea! I started a blog to share ideas! Hope your revival goes well! :)