Sunday, March 1, 2015


Inferring is a crucial skill for young readers to practice. It may also be the most challenging skills to acquire. So often when asked how a character will respond, students tell how THEY would respond. If asked about what may happen next, they tell what they WISH would happen next. If they are reading a mystery, they read right over clues as if they were reading for a timed fluency assessment. 

My RTI kids need some intensive practice with inferring. So, I wrote up with little product that gives students an opportunity to practice making the 10 main types of inferences. They will infer:
  1. location
  2. job/hobby
  3. time
  4. actions
  5. objects
  6. cause/effect
  7. problem/solution
  8. emotions/feelings
  9. character traits
  10. meanings of unknown words
You can check it out {HERE} or by clicking the image above.

I loved the culminating activity so much that I decided to make it a freebie in my store. Students will read iPhone texting conversations to review the 10 types of inferences. Click {HERE} or on the pic below to check out the freebie.

I went searching for a great video to share with my kiddos and you all about inferring. I went to my "go to" source for instructional videos: Almost a Third Grader. OH MY WORD! She had made a video using phone conversations to teach inferences. I was stunned! I swear this a case of two minds thinking alike! I think it would be great introduction to inferring!

Hope this is helpful to you and your students! :)