Friday, February 21, 2014

Graphing Freebies

     My grade level teaches a mini-unit on graphing and then incorporates graphing activities throughout the year. I made these freebies in case you do the same. I didn't want to make typical graphs though for a very important reason. Part of my job is to administer standardized testing to kids with accommodations or 504 plans. I have been exposed to tests for many of the upper grades. One thing I noticed is that VERY often graphing questions revolved around error analysis or finding the graph that matched the given data. I figured that it would be wise to expose our primary level kiddos to those skills, too. So, I made three fall graphing activities along those lines. They were such a hit that a winter version followed. Y'all liked that one even more. So, as requested, here is your spring graphing freebie. The links will lead you to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store for free downloading. Feedback is always appreciated! :)  If you would like to see a summer version, too, let me know. Enjoy!

Does a tricky leprechaun visit your classroom? Even if he doesn't, your kids
will enjoy trying to figure out what changes he made to the class graph!
This one requires a LOT of critical thinking. Students must evaluate
what is different between the graph and the order form. Then, they
must decide what steps must be taken to fix the error.
I LOVE this one! It integrates the concept of multiplication or repeated addition
with creating a line plot. It takes some real thinking!

Just in case you missed these earlier, here are the fall and winter versions!

Fall Graphing Freebie

Have fun analyzing data! I would love to hear how this works for you!


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