Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Favorite Finds #2

Okay y'all, I am keeping it real here when I tell you that I almost hyperventilate when the time comes to teach  3 digit subtraction with regrouping to my 60 RtI babies!  You add in a full moon this week and it is the perfect storm! However, there is a site that has saved me from breathing out of a paper bag for years now!  My RtI and Inclusion kiddos are often very visual and need to truly see how math works. However, staying focused and using base-ten blocks at the same time can be a little or maybe A LOT more than I can expect of them.  So, this presentation is a happy little compromise!  To save you some trial and error and a boat load of time, I made a little tutorial to go with this FABULOUS site.  Click HERE to check it out!  They have TONS of virtual manipulatives, people, TONS, I say! This is how the site looked on my SMARTboard today.
The kids sat in the floor with their question sheet on a clipboard. We built and solved the problems step by step.  It was a magical moment when one baby said, "I finally know what this is all about!" As Junie B. would say, "My eyes got a little bit of wet in them!"  I hope this is helpful to you!  Enjoy!

I would love to hear from you if you give this a try!  



  1. I used this site last year. It's the best. For some reason, it wouldn't work for me this year on my school computer. I think it would've made a world of difference!

    1. It didn't work for me at first either. It turned out that my Java needed to be updated. Our IT folks fixed it right away. Maybe that would work for you, too.