Sunday, July 3, 2016

Weekly Editing and Grammar Practice

So, my grade level was having a discussion during our weekly meeting about our 2nd graders' writing. We all seemed to have the same significant concern.
**While we love our daily grammar/editing practice unit and we agreed that the students needed to practice individual sentences, they were not transferring their knowledge into their own writing and editing. They could tell you that a sentence needed a period at the end, but they failed to notice that same need if there was more than one sentence running together. They could find a noun in one short sentence, but again they couldn't find 3 nouns in a short passage. **
So, they asked me to come up a quick once a week opportunity for their students to have text-based grammar and editing practice. They wanted to have a more in-depth supplement to their morning work routine. So, I created a Common Core standards-based editing and grammar program for us to try. 
**The product includes 36 weekly passages with various genres.
**I intentionally left out directions on how the corrections should be made. I know that each teacher has their own requirements. You could require traditional editing marks, or have students just make the corrections with colored pencil. 
**The first nine weeks are spent reviewing the first grade standards. Then, the 2nd grade standards are introduced in nine week sections.
**No spelling errors were included. I didn't want to affect the text's readability. 

If you would like to see a scope and sequence of the standards and get 3 FREE SAMPLE PAGES with answer keys, you may download them {HERE}or on the picture above. You can see the full product on Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking the picture at the top. 

If you have a need like ours, I hope this will be helpful to you in the coming school year! 

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