Thursday, September 18, 2014


I thoroughly enjoyed researching this product. Owls are completely fascinating to me! Their silent flight, incredible senses, and unique calls intrigue me. I hope that your class might enjoy learning more about some different species of owls, too. There are so many ways to use the book (color or black/white version) that comes with this unit. You could bind it for your classroom library, project each page onto your interactive whiteboard, or use a page a day during close reading. There are several graphic organizers included along with clickable links to audio recordings of calls, webcams, and interesting videos. Two assessment options are also in this product. Click {HERE} or on the picture below to find out more. 

During my research, I found some awesome videos. The one below is included in the section on the great grey owl. This clip from the BBC is riveting. I think your kiddos would love to watch it, too!

This link is not all that educational and is not in the product, but it was too precious not to share here on the blog. I dare you to watch it and not feel a burning desire to pet a northern saw whet owl! :)

I also found a fascinating site for bird research. It is called . It is run by the Cornell Lab. You can research almost any bird and listen to audio recordings of their calls. Click {HERE} or on the picture below to listen to the northern saw whet owl's various calls.

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