Saturday, September 27, 2014

Prepping for a Week in Advance

I posted this picture on Instagram on Friday. I asked if I was the only one who had to have everything prepped for the next week before leaving school. Some of you are just as weird as I am about having absolutely everything ready to roll. :) Others asked me how this could possibly be accomplished. So, since you asked, I will tell you how I prep for a week in advance. I have used this same system for years. I will tell you that the only thing I ever bring home is laminating to be cut out, new activities I want to make, and some last minute papers to grade on Friday nights. 

Monday: On Mondays, I check out any books or materials I will need from the media center next week. I also pull masters or files for things I know I need: the next week's morning work, Saxon phonics folders, or SRA reading lessons. 

Tuesday:  I start doing a rough sketch of the coming week's math plans. I pull my files, shop around on TPT, and see which interactive notebooking lessons I want to copy for the next week. 

Wednesday:  I finalize my math plans, make any copies that I need, and laminate any new centers I will be using. I also pull any manipulatives I will need. If time allows, I start sketching out my ELA plans for the next week. 

Thursday:  I finish the sketch for ELA and copy/laminate any needed materials.

Friday: I type up and email out my plans to admin/2nd grade team. When I had my own room, I also made sure that Monday's newsletter was ready to roll. Then, before I leave, I use my plans to sort everything into its bin. These Lakeshore bins have been with me for a long time! I love being able to just grab that day's items and go!

This also comes in handy when you have to be out unexpectedly. It was always so nice to be able to call my teacher buddy across the hall and say, "My schedule is posted. The bin is ready to go!" 

Here is a little peek at my week's plans. I have heard that some of you have to write plans that are PAGES long! Bless your hearts! We do have some incredible units that our grade level wrote and use. Admin gives the support staff a lot of leeway in what we teach and how we plan. This rough sketch works for me.

So, how do you plan for the days ahead? I would love to hear from you! 


  1. I've taught for 23 years and really appreciate this idea! I am stuggling with making plans 5 days in advance for all subjects in second grade. This "ahead planning" only started this school year with a "very new" principal. I am an organized person and am spending all week end on school stuff just to keep up. I miss spending time with my family! I love the bin idea! I am a basket nut! Thank you..I've been praying for relief!

    1. I hear ya! So many of my teacher friends tell me that they feel like they are drowning in stuff to do! I hope this plan helps you get some of your family time back! Thanks for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment. :)