Monday, June 9, 2014

Alphabet Strip Posters FREEBIE

I do not have the brain power yet to focus on curriculum. I need more recovery time! I do, however, have the stamina to make new things to decorate my classroom! When I was taking down my room, I sighed with disgust when I looked at my alphabet strip.  It is starting to yellow and I am not a fan of the pictures. Let's be honest here. Sometimes my classroom is the last stop on the track to special ed. Therefore, having a parrot image for the letter P is just downright confusing. Sometimes I get asked why I have a bird for P? Don't even get me started on xylophone or omelet! So, an alphabet overhaul was long overdue!

My room is black, grey, and red. I try to keep things pretty simple. Many of my kids are driven to distraction by too many colors or busy print. As much as I LOVE all of the pictures I see of classrooms with blues, pinks, and greens, it just wouldn't work for me. So, this alphabet strip matches my theme. If you can use these, you are welcome to have them.  Just click {HERE} or on any of the pics to download.

See doesn't pizza make more sense than parrot for struggling readers 
or kids with language disorders?

Good-bye xylophone!  Hello, X-ray! 

I hope that you can use this set, too! I would love to hear from you if these are helpful to you! New friends and followers are always welcome, too! How long does it take you to start thinking about curriculum during the summer?


  1. Hi Jenn:
    Is there any chance you have created this for desk tops? Love it!

    1. Sorry, Carla, I don't have desks in my RTI room. So, I have not made a desk top version. Thanks for stopping by!