Friday, June 27, 2014

Tips for a Successful School Year FREEBIE

As teachers, we often assume that families know how to help their child succeed in school. That is true for many families, but not for all families. I have been stunned several times in conferences or RtI meetings when parents needed advice on setting reasonable bedtimes, steps to prevent tardiness, or designating a place for their child's backpack so that they aren't searching for it every morning while the school bus is waiting outside. I have found that once parents know these tips, they generally will implement them. Knowing is half the battle as G.I. Joe used to say!

Now, my church is planning a back to school bash for Vacation Bible School this year. One of my tasks was to create a PowerPoint on tips for a successful school year as a part of the community outreach program for attending families. I need it at school. I need it for church. Hey, you might could use it, too, right?!?

I uploaded this freebie to my Teachers Pay Teachers store as a PowerPoint file. While you cannot edit the text or pictures, you are free to delete slides you don't need, rearrange the order, or customize it as a slideshow.

I have used PowerPoints like this one during Open House. I have it set up on a timer and it looped continuously on my SMARTboard. Parents could view the tips while they waited to speak with me or filled out paperwork. It was a big hit!

I have also manually clicked through slide by slide and discussed each one with families as a quick intro during curriculum night, too.

I hope that these will be useful to you! Please leave feedback or a comment if you download. Here are a few sample pictures from the presentation. Click {HERE} or on any of the pics to visit my TPT store for your free download.

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