Sunday, July 19, 2015

Authors in the Spotlight 3

I had such fun researching the authors in my latest update to "Authors in the Spotlight"!

Did you know that:

  • Dr. Seuss was the editor who approved the publishing of Stan and Jan Berenstain's first children's book.
  • Norman Bridwell originally wanted to name his dog character Tiny, but his wife disagreed and asked him to name the dog after her childhood imaginary friend, Clifford, instead.
  • Beverly Cleary is still alive and living in California. She will be 100 years old next April!
  • H.A. and Margret Rey were German Jews living in Paris, France when they heard that the Nazis were about to invade. They fled on makeshift bicycles. They carried only warm coats, a bit of food, and the illustrated manuscript for a book that would be published in 1941. That book was none other than Curious George. They escaped Paris only a few hours before it was overtaken! 
These fun facts and many more are in the newest version of my TPT product "Authors in the Spotlight". This set includes information on Hans Christian Andersen, Stan and Jan Berenstain, Judy Blume, Norman Bridwell, Marc Brown, Beverly Cleary, Steven Kellogg, Arnold Lobel, Robert Munsch, and H.A. & Margret Rey. 

If you have already purchased this set, go to your My Purchases Page on TPT and download the update for FREE! Click the picture above to see the full project description. 


  1. Interesting facts! How do you choose the authors that you are going to spotlight? Where does the information you use come from...are you just googling the author names?

    1. I use authors that the clip art designer (Educlips) creates. I do research online about the authors. I take notes and make sure that each fact is verified by more than one source. Then, I turn my notes into a biography that fits my format.