Monday, July 20, 2015

Subtraction Fact Fluency Freebie

How do you keep track of your students' fact fluency? In my 2nd grade intervention classroom, progress monitoring fluency for my math students is a major goal. So, I decided to make it fun.. like a journey..or a quest! For our addition facts, we journey through Oz as we learn each set of facts.  You can read more about that adventure and grab the program freebie in this previous post. The kids enjoyed it so much that I decided to add in a Peter Pan/Neverland theme for subtraction!

I hang up a jumbo pocket chart to hold the character cards and student name pieces. The students' names are written on die cut yellow stars. When they have achieved their goal, it gives the effect of a pictograph of names. You can see a glimpse of the set up (without the names) in this photo from an Instagram post last year. 

As soon as we introduce subtraction, I reveal the first character goal and post the character card and goal on the pocket chart. I tell the kiddos that if they meet the goal that they will earn the character and a matching treat. The character cards look like this:

All week long (and longer if needed to achieve their goal), we practice our math facts. I like to use the free subtraction fact sheets found {HERE} at Scroll down to number 8 and select horizontally arranged subtraction questions. Then, print off an entire sheet of individual fact practice. Copy the sheet for your students, and then cut them into 4 days worth of practice strips. Easy Peasy Mac-n-Cheesy!

I set different goals for students. Often my tier 3 students are just working on getting correct differences while my tier 2 students may be more focused on correct differences in a given amount of time. If their goal is achieved, they receive the treat for their character and a little certificate in a Ziploc baggie. They take them home to share their accomplishment with their families. It is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to celebrate their work and communicate their progress to their parents. 

As you can see, I updated the font! :)
You can grab the whole program as a freebie {HERE} in this Dropbox link! 
I hope you will find these helpful! :)


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    1. You are so welcome, Angie! Thanks for stopping by my blog! ;)

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    1. You are welcome! Thanks for your kind comment, Natalie!

  3. Thank you for sharing! Both the addition and subtraction sets are so adorable! Where did you get the big cut outs of Peter Pan etc? And are you planning on having a multiplication and division set?


    1. I am glad that you liked them! At this time, I am not planning to have a multiplication and division set. I enlarged the clip art that I purchased from Melonheadz to create the Peter Pan images. I wrote a blog post on how to enlarge images. You can read it here: Have a great day!